Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde FDN-P
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Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde FDN-P
Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde(SNF)---High effect water reducing admixture
CAS NO.:36290-04-7
HS CODE:3824401000

Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde(SNF)
sodium naphthalene formaldehyde  Na2SO4  5%

Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate (FDN-A)  is made of naphthalene, sulfonic acid, formalin and alkali, through sulphuration, hydrolyzation, condensation and neutralization reaction. FDN contains no chloride. Thus, it meets the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM Designation C 494 as a Type F admixture, GB8076-1997 and GB50119-2003.

Performance and use:
mainly used in concrete construction, so that not only the workability and hydration but also the strength and quality of concrete can be improved. When it is the first time to use this product or the concrete kind is changed, ratio need to be tested according to the material used in the construction, so that the best ratio can be found.
1)  put this product which’s weight is 0.5-1.2% of concrete’s weight into concrete, 12-25% water can be saved.
2)  provided water and cement ratio keep the same, if add FDN, the height on which the cement initially collapse can be 10cm higher at least
3)if FDN is properly added, the strength of mortar and cement can be enhanced by 40-80% within 3days, 20-60% within 28days. Of course it still works on the strength for long term.
4)  Provided the strength of cements and slump keep the same, if added FDN water needed can be saved by 10-25%.
5)  adding FDN can improve the workability and other mechanical characteristics. This can enhance Its ability to resist compression contraction.
6)  FDN is widely applicable for cements builing,especially for the following: fluid cement, plasticized cement, steamed cement, water-tight cement, water-proof cement, prefabricated cement, prestressed reinforced cement and high strength cement. But the adaptability to different kind of cement is different.
7)  It is very soluble in water and are compatible with most ingredients. The compound is non-toxic and does not cause pollution to the environment.

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