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Sodium lignosulphonate liquid
CAS NO.:8061-51-6

Sodium Lignosulphonate reducing sugar, hemicellulose, and other inorganic substances. Can be used to do concrete water-reducing agent, carbon black, feed granulating agent, slag, coal binders, refractories, ceramic strengthening agent, pesticide processing aids, fillers, such as electrolyte.

Sodium Lignosulphonate mainly usage is as the follows:

1.  Sodium Lignosulphonate as Concrete water-reducing agent: doped 0.2-0.3% by weight of cement can be reduced by more than 10% water, summer use, could slump loss, are generally mixed with the use of superplasticizer.

2.  Slag binder smelting industry, mix  Sodium Lignosulfonate with the powder into powder ball Add dry kiln to improve the smelting recovery rate.

3.  Sodium Lignosulphonate in Feed used to feed adhesive can increase the preference of livestock and poultry, and particle strength, and reduce the amount of feed powder, powder to reduce the rate of return and reduce costs. The loss modulus decreased 60-20% capacity, the United States and Canada allow content in the feed was 4.0%.

4.  Refractory brick manufacturing refractories, the use of  Sodium Lignosulfonate (high glucose) do dispersants and adhesives, to improve performance and reduce the water, and enhance, to prevent cracking and other good results.

5.  Refining auxiliaries and additives for naphthol electrolysis process, Sodium Lignosulphonate can be dense precipitates formed to improve the quality of metal precipitation is effective in reducing the tank pressure and energy consumption.

6.  Sodium Lignosulphonate in Sand mold casting done of Health grants and dry modulus adhesives, adhesive force, and the collapse mode of a good solution.

7.  Sodium Lignosulphonate used in the other for the wettable powder pesticide processing, the suppression of coal, mining and mineral processing industries election agent, roads, soil, dust control, leather tanning industry in the filler, carbon black industry, granulation, etc. 

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