Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde FDN-L
Category: FDN-L  Publish Time: 2004-08-08 00:00 

Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde FDN-L
Same Name:Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate,Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde,Naphthalene Superplasticizer
CAS NO.:36290-04-7

Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate(SNF) High Range Water-Reducer Admixture  is mainly used in :


1. Sodium naphthalene Sulphonate produces concrete with extremely workable characteristics referred to as high slump. PNS also allows concrete to be produced with very low water/cement ratios at low or normal slumps.


2. Sodium naphthalene sulphonate is ideal for use in prestress, precast, bridge deck or any concrete where it is desired to keep the water/cement ratio to a minimum and still achieve the degree of workability necessary to provide easy placement and consolidation.

3. Sodium naphthalene sulphonate can be added directly or added in after melt. It can be added during mixing and after-mixing. The afterward approach can achieve better result. The suggested addition rate is 0.75%.

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